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  • Work Life - 2 subjects
    Share your job-seeking and employment experiences, and exchange career advice. And visit AFB CareerConnect® to learn more about the range and diversity of jobs performed by adults who are blind or visually impaired.

    Note: Due to past abuses, AFB reserves the right to delete any posts advertising "work from home" opportunities. Learn more about how to spot work-at-home scams.
  • AccessWorld - 1 subject
    Comment on articles you've read or products that have been evaluated in AFB's free online technology magazine, AccessWorld®.
  • Friends and Family - 1 subject
    If you're caring for someone with vision loss, find the help and support you need here.
  • TeenConnect - 0 subjects
    Welcome to TeenConnect, a place where you can proceed with speed to chat it up with the coolest, hippest teens with vision loss from all over the country about school, work and other topics you want to know more about.
  • Ash Test Subject 11 and 11 - 2 subjects
    Ash Test Subject 1 and 1
  • Eye Conditions - 0 subjects
    Want to discuss living with a specific visual impairment, or are you trying to help a friend or loved one? Find others who are affected by the same condition, and share your own experiences.
  • Careers in Health Care - 0 subjects
    There are over 60 careers listed in this cluster and they represent a wide range of options. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that healthcare will generate 3.2 million new wage and salary jobs between 2008 and 2018, more than any other industry. Use this message board to ask questions and get advice from people who are blind or visually impaired and work in this field.
  • National Transition Network Forum - 0 subjects

    This message board is dedicated to the national planning for the area of transition for youth who are blind or visually impaired in the United States. Professionals from around the United States are invited to join in the conversation, share ideas, and continue the planning for a better future. The National Transition Network meets during the AFB Leadership Confernece Preconference and at other national events. This is your opportunity to share your transition planning ideas and best practices while trying to create a solidified plan of action.

  • First Test for functionality - 0 subjects
    First Test for functionality
  • Ash Test Subject 3 - 0 subjects
    Ash Test Subject 3
  • Ash Test Subject One AND ONE - 0 subjects
    Ash Test Subject One AND ONE
  • Ash Test Subject One two three - 0 subjects
    Ash Test Subject One two threes
  • udal test first - 0 subjects
    udal test first
  • udal test second - 0 subjects
    udal test first
  • UdalBharti TEST - 1 subject
    UdalBharti TEST
  • Water Cooler - 3 subjects
    A place to talk about current events and everyday life.
  • School - 0 subjects
    From elementary school to university training -- for teachers needing tips, parents needing advice, students needing help.
  • Parenting - 0 subjects
    Learn from other parents who are blind, and the parents of blind children.
  • Shopping Advice - 3 subjects
    Find out more about the products you need and share your evaluations here.
  • Arts and Leisure - 0 subjects
    Exchange suggestions for creative outlets and fun activities.
  • Books - 0 subjects
    Talking Books, braille, digital e-books -- find recommendations and lively discussions here.
  • Comments for AFB - 0 subjects
    Let AFB know your questions, comments, suggestions, or general impressions of its online services.