AFB Leadership and Staff

AFB Leadership

Carl R. Augusto, President and CEO
Sylvia Simpson, Executive Assistant to the President
Kelly Bleach, Technical Services Director, Chief Administrative Officer
Rick Bozeman, Finance Director, Chief Financial Officer
Evelyn Friedman, Vice President, Resource Development and Communications
Maureen Matheson, Vice President, AFB Press and Web Programs
Paul Schroeder, Vice President, Programs and Policy
Sonya Shiflet, Human Resources Director, Chief Human Resources Officer

AFB Staff by Department


Executive Office

Carl Augusto, President and CEO
Sylvia Simpson, Executive Administrative Assistant


Rick Bozeman, Director
Patsy Carvache, Accounting Manager
Lacinda Fresquez, Staff Accountant
Cynthia Howerton, Payroll/Staff Accountant
Michelle Roberts, Accounting Assistant

Human Resources

Sonya Shiflet, Director
Lisa Santamarina, Human Resources Administrator

Technical Services

Kelly Bleach, Director
Mary Bellard, Network Specialist
Roberto Hernandez, Network Systems Engineer
Deo Mattow, Administrative Services Manager

AFB Press and Web Programs

Maureen Matheson, Vice President
Cynthia Simmons, Administrative Assistant

Center on Vision Loss and Web Programs

Judy Scott, Director
Anne Davis, Office Administrator

Center on Vision Loss

Neva Fairchild, National Indpendent Living Associate
Carolyn Morgan, Development Associate


Scott Truax, Program Manager
Detra Bannister, Employment Specialist
Joe Strechay, Project Associate


Scott Truax, Program Manager

Senior Site

Priscilla Rogers, Program Director

AFB eLearning Center

Priscilla Rogers, Director

AFB Press

Natalie Hiltzen, Director/Editor-in-Chief
Ellen Bilofsky, Managing Editor
Rebecca Burrichter, Senior Editor, JVIB
Jenese Croasdale, Rights and Administrative Manager
Anne Durham, Sales and Marketing Manager
Beatrice Jacinto, Database Publishing Associate
Cynthia Simmons, Administrative Assistant
Heather Spence, Publishing Associate

Web Operations

Crista Earl, Director
Sameera Kamra, Web Projects Associate
Elizabeth Neal, Web Content Manager
Jeremy Ramsier, Web Content Coordinator
Vishal Talreja, Web Technical Manager

Programs and Policy

Paul Schroeder, Vice President
Heidi Kurtz Walters, Programs and Policy Coordinator

AFB Consulting

Mark Uslan, Director

AFB Tech

Mark Uslan, Director Morgan Blubaugh, National Technology Associate, Low Vision
Marilyn Burns, Executive Secretary
Darren Burton, Project Manager, Technical Evaluation Services
Lee Huffman, AccessWorld and Technology Information Editor

Information and Referral

Tara Anis, Information Specialist

Professional Development

Ike Presley, Project Manager
Shirley Landrum, Office Administrator

Public Policy Center

Mark Richert, Director
Katie Vizenor, Senior Policy Research Associate

Resource Development and Communications

Evelyn Friedman, Vice President
Suzette Williams, Resource Development Coordinator


Adrianna Montague-Devaud, Director
Amanda Kolling, Marketing and Communications Manager
John Mackin, Media Relations/Social Media Specialist
Helen Selsdon, Archivist, Helen Keller Archives

Resource Development

Karen Azeez, Director of Individual Giving
Cathy Jenkins, Director of Corporate and Foundation Giving
Mickey Bane, Regional Development Officer
Audrey Taylor, Gift Processing Manager

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