Strategic Plan Overview

Value Proposition

AFB is a trusted national authority that changes lives for the better by identifying and addressing critical unmet needs of people with vision loss.

Core Competencies

Driving systemic change
Being the knowledge leader
Delivering access solutions
Fostering collaboration

Strategic Priorities

Enable Access

Remove technological and systemic barriers preventing people with vision loss from fully participating in all aspects of society. 

  • Promote and deliver technology solutions.
  • Advocate for public policies that improve services and ensure equal access.

Strengthen Services

Increase the effectiveness of services to people with vision loss.

  • Convene and collaborate with the vision loss and related communities to identify and actively address critical issues in the area of blindness and low vision.
  • Advance the research and knowledge base of service providers.

Empower Individuals

Provide resources to enhance opportunities in education, independent living, and employment to people with vision loss and their families.

  • Publish web content to inform and empower individuals of all ages.
  • Connect individuals with services, information, and relevant communities.

Realization Strategy

Sustain Success

Ensure impact, financial stability, and organizational sustainability.

  • Focus resources in areas where AFB is uniquely qualified or positioned for leadership and where there are realistic possibilities for success.
  • Enhance organizational capacity and extend programmatic effectiveness by fostering partnerships and leveraging complementary agendas, internally and externally.

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Out of Sight, Not Out of Mind

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