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AFB understands that information is power. We are committed to connecting people to life-changing information, resources, local services, and a vibrant and supportive community via our award-winning family of websites.

  • VisionAware


    A comprehensive resource for basic information about adjusting to vision loss, including tips for adapting your home & daily living.
  • For Parents


    FamilyConnect offers a virtual lifeline to parents of children with visual impairments. We provide information and resources, and host an online community where families find support, comfort and help.

  • CareerConnect


    AFB CareerConnect helps students exploring careers, job seekers investigating work options, employers planning to diversify their workforce, professionals working with visually impaired people, and friends or family members assisting someone who is blind or has low vision.

  • For Seniors

    Senior Site®

    AFB Senior Site is a hub of up-to-date resources and simple solutions for seniors adjusting to vision loss, as well as for their family members and care givers.

  • Braille Bug

    Braille Bug®

    AFB's award-winning website that introduces children to the magic of braille through games, secret messages, and other fun activities.

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Out of Sight, Not Out of Mind.  Pre-order Today!Out of Sight, Not Out of Mind. Pre-order Today!

Out of Sight, Not Out of Mind