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AccessWorld Alerts

Sign up to receive an e-mailed alert every time a new issue of AccessWorld® or breaking news article becomes available.

AFB DirectConnect

AFB DirectConnect provides user-friendly targeted updates and alerts on public policy issues.

AFB eNews

Keep up to date on AFB's latest activities. You'll also get feature articles that offer the "big picture" of the most pressing issues in the blindness field. Recent eNews issues.

AFB Leadership Conference Updates

Sign up for news on the annual AFB Leadership Conference, which seeks to improve the quality of programs and services to blind and visually impaired children and adults.

Assistive Technology Pioneers Oral History Project

Sign up to receive an e-mail alert every time a new interview is added to the archives.

Braille Bug - Parents and Teachers

Keep up to date on literacy resources and new activities and programs on the Braille Bug site.

Braille Bug Games and Activities

Would you like to know when new games and activities are added to the Braille Bug site? Join our mailing list!

CareerConnect Newsletter

This newsletter will provide information about updates or changes to the CareerConnect program, introduce new staff or volunteers, share helpful tips, offer options for becoming more engaged in mentoring or the use of the program, and give a peek behind the scenes at AFB's efforts to expand employment possibilities for people with vision loss.

Connections Alerts

Created by the Professional Development team at AFB to alert professionals to elearning opportunities and national events of interest.

DOTS for Braille Literacy (Development of Teacher Support)

Published three times a year and filled with information related to braille instructional techniques and strategies, new products, resources, braille-related events and workshops. Recent issues of DOTS.

FamilyConnect Newsletter

Quarterly news from FamilyConnect


A semi-annual publication for friends, highlighting special donors, current program activities and ways to help. Recent issues of FOCUS.

News from AFB Press

Learn about new publications, special offers, and more.

Test Newsletter 2: Talkin' Toast!

Whether your heart belongs to whole wheat, rye, or sourdough, we've got you covered.

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